Penis Filler Treatment

A Revolutionary Treatment

The Alpha Male Penis Filler treatment is a revolutionary way of increasing the size of your penis through a quick and easy procedure. – It is a researched and scientifically proven treatment that has no side effects and works immediately. Right now, the Alpha Male Clinic is one of the only practitioner institutions offering penis filler treatment in the whole of the North West. We here can guarantee a seemless and smooth experience and hold your hand through the whole process start to finish.

We are currently only taking on a small number of clients over the next 2 weeks as places are limited. We have had a ridiculously high satisfaction rate with the filler treatment so we can guarantee your satisfaction within the first 30 days of treatment or your money back – it’s that simple.

The actual procedure is painless and takes around 1 hour – that’s it.

What our Customer’s say!

How to Proceed

Step 1.

Telephone consultation

Step 2.

1 on 1 consultation with myself to evaluate health and to talk you through the procedure

Step 3.

The Procedure, painless and completed in 1 hour.

Step 4.

Go home and enjoy your new found confidence and greater quality of life.

Why This Treatment

  • Increase penis girth (up to 20% thicker safely)
  • Lasts 18 months to 4 years+
  • Priced at £500 per 10ml (most affordable price on the market to date)
  • 10-minute procedure – results seen immediately
  • The Alpha Male Filler procedure increases penis thickness and flaccid penis length safely and with minimal downtime. The technique was invented by US based surgeon Dr Gary Horn in 2012.
  • By injecting deeper, our proprietary method provides a smoother and firmer result, with less downtime (2 weeks before resuming sex).

Limited Spaces Available!

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